Clay paving bricks for gardern design

Clay paving bricks for garden design

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We are a Belgian manufacturer of high-end Clay pavers and Facing bricks.
Our clay pavers come in unique sizes and colours and are used worldwide by top leading garden designers and landscapers.

They have been used in many award winning projects: from various Gold medal winning Chelsea Flower shows to even a nomination
for the RIBA Stirling Price (Maggie’s Center Lanarkshire – Reich and Hall Architects- Noblesse clay pavers)

 Gold Medal CFS - Tom Stuart Smith  Ancienne Belgique Lava  Gold Medal Chelsea Flower Show - Balston Agius Ltd    Septima Mahogany


 Maggie’s Center Lanarkshire - Reich and Hall Architects  Septima Noblesse clay pavers


Be sure to take a look at our projects and photo gallery for inspirational garden design ideas with clay brick pavers.
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